Bush Power Group LLC
Bush Power Group LLC
Recent Projects

· 507 MW 2x1 W501F Integrated LNG Fueled Combined Cycle Cogeneration

Plant, LNG/LPG/#2 FO, in Puerto Rico

· 120 MW 2x1 GE6B Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant, NG/#2 FO, in Poland

· 500 MW 2x1 V84.3A Combined Cycle Plant, #2FO/NG, in Cuiaba, Brazil

· 480 MW 2x1 V94.2 Combined Cycle Plant, LNG/#2FO, in Turkey

· 780 MW 2x1 GE9FA++ Combined Cycle Plant, NG in Sutton Bridge, UK

· 85 MW 2x1 MAN Slow Speed Diesel Combined Cycle Plant in Guam

· Year 1999 Simple Cycle Peaking Plants in Southeastern U.S. at 3 sites

· Year 2000 Simple Cycle Peaking Plants in Midwestern U.S. at 5 sites

· 780 MW 2x1 GE9FA CC Power Plant, Naphtha/#2FO, in Dabhol, India

· 150 MW 3x1 GE6B Combined Cycle Power Plant, NG/#2FO, in Panama

· 120 MW 4x2 ABB Combined Cycle Power Plant, NG/#2FO, in Gaza

· 600 MW 2x1 GE7FA Combined Cycle Power Plant, NG, in Texas


In January 2013, we celebrated our 11th Anniversary.

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